NSDI XML schemas

Several metadata XML schemas, in line with ISO standards, are publicly available. The following are used most often: 
  • ISO schema repository
  • OGC schema repository 
  • EDEN schema repository. 

The application of different metadata XML schemas results in variations of metadata profile. Croatian NSDI recommends l'Equipe D'Experts en Normalisation (EDEN) XSD schema as the basic one. EDEN is a collaborative work space for standardisation in the geographic information area. For additional information see http://eden.ign.fr/welcome. EDEN schemas are shown on http://eden.ign.fr/xsd/isotc211/isofull/20090316. The advantages of selecting the EDEN schemas are the following:
  • XSD schemas consistency 
  • GML 3.2.1 support 
  • inclusion of metadata for services
As a basis, schema files are used for: 
  • spatial datasets and dataset series of sets: gmd/gmd.xsd, 
  • spatial data services: srv/srv.xsd. 

XML NSDI metadata templates

In the table below are given XML NSDI metadata templates for datasets and dataset series and spatial data services.

Template Size Datum Notice
NIPP_SkupNiz.xml 13 kb
XML template for NSDI dataset and dataset series
NIPP_Usluga.xml 12 kb
XML template for NSDI data services